torsdag 31. januar 2008

Stormy food

Today we have a storm pushing us around. She's called Tuva.

Trees are falling, roofs are flying. Its cold and rainy.

Time for cooking and treating and comforting ourselves

Salmon cakes, made them all by myself, with spices and garlic. Mmm! Fishy delight!

Cinnamon buns. Plenty of cinnamon for the happiness of our souls.

And a cup of hot chocolate.
We're talking real comfort here.

We need it.

søndag 27. januar 2008


This is how it is now: a frosty hammock, cold and lonely in the garden.
But I remember this: A warm and sunny afternoon. Lovely.

Clouds of magic

When it's winter
We get the most beautiful art
for free
If we look up to the skies
at the right moment

søndag 20. januar 2008

Outside of my window

Suddenly, while baking buns, I saw this magic outside. Grabbed my camera and nearly fell out of the window trying to capture the colours. Didn't get them all, but still, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was.

lørdag 19. januar 2008

Colours and taste

and Pesto ravioli
A cold beer
enough said

tirsdag 15. januar 2008

Need a hug?

Dark January.
Its so dark!
When I leave for work in the morning
its pitch dark
when I come home
it's turned dark again.
I see the light through my office window
thats not enough for me.
I need a hug.
But I can still do some good
I got these two huggers
after donating a pint of the good stuff
My own B+
So maybe I can send a bit of hope and an imaginary hug
to a person in need of
some extra blood,
after an accident or an operation.
Greatful to be able to help
Why don't you register as a donor?
If you're afraid of needles,
a good old fasion hug can be donated too!

søndag 13. januar 2008


About the cat and dog situation.

They were both on my lap today, dog sniffing cat, both quiet, that is definitely progress.

I'll tell you, mad barking for days, thats no tea-party! Our nerves has been kind of on an edge..

We're not letting them loose just yet, but now we have our hopes up. It just might be possible!

søndag 6. januar 2008

The rise an fall of a Christmas Tree

A few days of glory!
then out as trash
But still,
I wouldn't say it was a wasted wooden life
It had a few years in a wood,
maybe a little bird made a nest and raised her family in it
it stood under the stars
felt rain and sun
and diamonds of snow.
Exit Christmas Tree
and thanks for the joy you brought.

fredag 4. januar 2008


Even if it has been a short week, (beeing after New Year and all) Friday tastes as good as ever! Friday is my favourite day of the week.

In my family Friday is dedicated to relaxation, cooking(at least for me), watching tv, a glass of wine, and just enjoying the thought of two fresh days off, ahead of us!

Its not that I don't like the other days: I'm a everyday-kind of girl.

I like ordinary days better than special occations. I liked the days after my wedding better then the actual weddingday. I always secretly long for the quiet moment when all the fuzz is over, and we can go back to normal days.

A normal day, when we get on fine at home, when I see that my work really matters, when I'm aware of the weather, the sounds, the smells and there's no big worries on my mind. Thats happiness for me.
But back to Friday: this is what I'm treating myself (and the rest of the family) with tonight:
Homemade pizza and a glass of red wine (of course not the youngsters).We totally deserve it!

tirsdag 1. januar 2008

About Cats and Dogs and New Years Resolutions

Well, a new book of blank pages has opened.
This year we're gonna work on the family project:
Show and tell what you really mean!

For example: Our dog, she is barking mad (literally) because we've took one of her species' biggest enemies in the house to live with us. She tells us from the bottom of her lungs that she want to settle this situation the way her lot has done for generations: Chase and kill! (or the less proud way: chase and get a smack on the nose!)
The kitten is miaoing her feelings, jawning and looking calmly at this barking troll, feeling safe because the troll does'nt get to her.(the troll is of course on a leash)
We'll keep our optimism up and trust the books where we have read that after a couple of weeks, this will have settled and they will be best of friends! If not, we'll have to continue to split the house up in cat-zone and dog-zone for eternity.

The adorable Miss Shandie Pipkin

The Sweet Miss Dinkie Doodle

For the rest of us, we'll try to be nice and honest to each other. Give each the love and the space we need, and support each others dreams and hopes.
That's the resolutions we have.
As always.

Happy New Year!