søndag 27. juni 2010

Lovely life at the cabin

This kettle is made of copper
It's a kettle for out door coffee making over open fire.
And it supposed to be black.
That's why we call it a Black kettle.
Coffee made in a black kettle, over the fire
is the best coffee in the world!
Waiting for the coffegrains to sink
we light a candle to scare away the mosquitos
and for the simple joy of it
The salad tasted so good,
together with the skewers that tasted so good that I simply forgot to take a photo.. Yorkshire lad had to freshen up a bit
because he started to look like a scruff

søndag 20. juni 2010

Summer food

Browned onions, slowly cooked
The fish and the onions are good friends!
Vanilla icecream, peanuts and NonStop
And for lunch the day after, when the sun is out
with a book on my lap
and the birds singing in the tree!

søndag 13. juni 2010

House wife Out of order

While the houswife has been slightly out of order
dormant powers have surfaced
After a short course in how to separate and clean clothes
Pink Princesse has totally taken over the washing, drying and folding
in our house!
She does it with great pride and precision,
plans ahead and does it independantly.

Yorkshire lad has done some shopping and fed the troops.
Little Chef has brought me tea,
and Dinkie the dog has warmed my feet
Thats how it has been when the houswife was out of order.
Now she's working her way back
but hopefully the surfaced powers will stay!