søndag 30. januar 2011


Our tap has been dripping for a long time
maybe it is time to change a gasket or two?
I turn off the water and I'll remove piece by piece
checking the instruction every now and thenOld gaskets off, new on
a bit of grease, and then putting it together again.
Turning the water carfully on...
Will the water keep where it should be?

Dripping all gone!
Over to some grub:
Fish and veggies

What about a bit of barley instead of rice?

Very tasty!

mandag 24. januar 2011

Peas and Love

These round little friends of mine
Make a wonderful Soup!
It takes some good hours to make
But it's not a lot of work!
Dried green peas,
in water over night

The meat is smoked pork

Peas, onions, meat, carrots, salt, pepper, thyme
Slowly simmering for hours
Soup of peace, Soup of Love

fredag 21. januar 2011

It's the most wonderful

day of the week!
The Pizza day
The Friday!
Do I need to say more?
And have you bye the way
chewed on a warm cherry tomatoe
straight from the oven?
The hotness of it?
The palate numming feeling?
Anyway, have a wonderful weekend!

tirsdag 18. januar 2011

Fishy meatballs, or meaty fishballs, thats the question

I love salmon
usually ovenbaked
But sometimes I like to vary
Today it's fishy meatballs

If you have a food processor
These are so easy to make!
Salmon, garlic, herbes, some potato starch, an egg, salt and pepper
Served with wholegrain pasta, pesto, cherry tomatoes and peas

and some feta cheese for the delight of it!

søndag 16. januar 2011

Snowy blue morning at the cabin

It's a while since I've been to the cabin
This weekend we went there,
with our two teenagers.
It's not to bad that they still enjoy a weekend at the cabin
with their mum and dad.
Gandma and granddad came on Saturday
and stayed until Sunday
It was crowdy but peaceful
and everyone was in a good mood
The snow was falling quietly
and covered our tracks
On Sunday we returned home
rested, happy, scruffy and with a pile of laundry
Just as we are supposed to do, after a
Weekend at our cabin: Goro

onsdag 12. januar 2011

Chaotic cod and two halves of an egg

It's an egg:
And a useful one too!
For salt and pepper

And this was my chaotic
oven baked cod

søndag 9. januar 2011

Hummus and hearts

It's a first time for everything
Today I made and tasted hummus for the first time
I've been wanting to for a long time,
but I never got around to do it, until today.
I liked it, and it was so easy to make!
First time, but not the last time for sure!
When my sister called and said she and the boys were coming for a visit
I made these,
and thats not my first time!
We love impulsive Sunday evening parties!
Waffles, kids, coffee and chatting!

fredag 7. januar 2011

Friday food

It's Friday
In Norway many familys serve Tacos,
this have become a favourite amongst the young ones!
We're not so in to taco shells
but we like tortillas and home made naan bread
with loads of veggies, beans, chicken mince, cheese,
salsa, kesam etc
The idea is
You choose what you want!

I'm wrapping my stuff
in a tortilla

Messy eating,
I don't mind at all!
I've got a spoon to help me out!

mandag 3. januar 2011

Potato soup

Leftover potatoes, mashed swede, and sausage?
add some water, onion, garlic, thyme, salt and pepper..
and voila
potato soup

very smooth, very tasty!
That's some good and easy Monday grub!

søndag 2. januar 2011

Every now and then, a fresh start if you want

We are in January now
And we're supposed to swap these

with theseThats allright
We can't be celebrating and eat Christmas grub for ever
It's time to embrace the simple life again
and maybe get back to hole number two in the belt again
(instead of number three and four)
There's still one more
rich dinner to go:


Well then, all set and "vel bekomme" as we say in Norwegian