onsdag 14. september 2011


My sister and I
went on a trip to Malta last week.
We had spa treatments
(nail polish for the first time of my life, that sais something
about the level of make up I'm using)
Next to our hotel Corinthia
The President recidential was situated
and it had the most lovely garden!
The garden was very old
as was the trees in there
There was beautiful fountains
and stone paths
And beautiful flowers!
Valetta City
Creamy ice coffee, (yum)
The pool area

We went on a island cruise

I even had time for som tree climbing!

søndag 4. september 2011

Craterellus aurora

An old teacher of mine lives down the road
she loves her garden, and to walk in the woods
Yesterday she came bicycling past our house with a basket full of
She wanted to share it with us

In the fryong pan together with
celery, spring onion and garlic

Served along with chicken, mashed potatoes and vegetables