fredag 29. februar 2008

torsdag 28. februar 2008

Good friend

Before Christmas I got a new friend:

For a while I didn't know his name, but we spent time together.

The first times I got a bit exhausted, but we kept on meeting.

I know what he's called now.

Let me present my new friend:

Leo Bastian

I'm telling you

he is making me a better person!

When I feel a bit stressed, we take a ride,

and like magic I get so calm and satisfied.


mandag 25. februar 2008


This was my lunch at work today.
After finishing it I could have eaten a teeny bit of chocolate
Darkest there was, melting in my mouth.
But there was not a single little bite anywhere..

søndag 24. februar 2008

Sunday in february

We are definately having a green winter!

Walking along the water, I love that!

The channel is ready for spring!
After a good walk, we walked home to my parents for a cup of coffee.

lørdag 23. februar 2008


I've had a couple comments to my blog that make no sense and just refer to a link: saying click here.... I would't check that out, it might be harmful for your computer or a virus.
I don't know. But just be careful following links like that!

fredag 22. februar 2008

Being positive or naive

So, some of my friends say I'm a bit to positive.

But I am positive by choice, and as long at I'm able to choose that, I'll do.
So some of my friends call me naive,

they say that if someone is nice to you for no apparent reason, they're after something.

But I choose to think that they are nice to me because they want to.

So what's the risk?

I can get dissapointed, but what if I don't.

I've found that it doesn't happen so often.

If someone smiles to me, I smile back.

It makes me feel good, and possibly it makes them feel good too.

If I hear something, I choose to believe that most people wants to be honest and good.

I'm not stupid or naive, I have my eyes open, but I truly believe that the good outnumbers the bad.
There'll always come times when life gets harder, but I don't want to waste potencially good days waiting for something bad to happen.
I'll know when I have to deal with it.
I'll continue to be positive as long as I can.
By choice.

onsdag 20. februar 2008


Dog person becoming a dog and cat person: thats me!

My new furry daughter, she is so sweet!
Our dog is still behaving badly, but the kitten is growing so finally they'll be almost the same size.
Maybe then will they find things out between them.

søndag 17. februar 2008

The time

Sometimes I wonder: what time is it?
Since we blog from different corners of the world, we might do it simultanesly, but yet hours apart. Fascinating!
At this moment the time here is 21.03 Sunday the 17th.
What is your time?

Fire on a beach

We have what we need for a fire

Build up the wood like a square hut,
with a bit of paper inside

and plenty of air drafting through

One match, thats it

the elements do the rest
And we are ready for some hotdogs on the beach

Or what about a banana on a stick?

Waves as the only music

Sand and dried seaweed

Treasures to bring home to join the half a billion treasures we already have found..

A windy Sunday in the middle of February

fredag 15. februar 2008


Thought I'd fresh up my page a bit.

torsdag 14. februar 2008

Welcome sun and light

Not exactly the real thing

but yellow and bright!

Spring is approaching,

everyday the sun is rising earlier

Now when I go to work

its with the morning sun in my face!
I love it!

lørdag 9. februar 2008


For those who have tried to socialize in chat-rooms, this is a good one:

fredag 8. februar 2008

What you can see....

is what I want you to see.
I choose which part of me I'll tell you about of course
as you do too.
We share what we want to share you know.

My blog might look like a window to Pleasentville

but it is just a window to one of the rooms

in the house that is me.

It doesn't mean that it's not true what I write,

it just means that what you see is part of a bigger truth.

So what you get today is a photo of my


That doesn't say much about me,

or maybe it does?

It made me happy,

It doesn't take much to please me, I'm easy that way.

tirsdag 5. februar 2008

Dreaming of..

A warm day in August

so quiet

and my soul so content and calm

just me and my camera

out walking one evening

the smells of salty water

flowers and grass

old wood and tar

the sounds of mild wind

faint sounds of people talking

a boat approaching

seagulls singing (in my ears they do)


Half a year ago

and hopefully

half a year from now

søndag 3. februar 2008

'till I miss you...

For dessert: Tiramisu.
Finger biscuits dipped in coffee,
mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar
and on top a bit of cocoa-powder
I've put it in a cold place, to soak.
Suddenly, while cleaning up the kitchen
after making the dessert
my CD player startet to play:
"I'm just a jealous guy..." (the song)
All by itself.
I never touched it!
Thats a bit spooky!
Our house is hundred and sixty-one years old
Sometimes it lives its own life..

lørdag 2. februar 2008

On my walk today

There was snow on the shed's roof. Not much, but enough to make it pretty and white.
The hammock was white.
Apparently it had snowed from west.
But through the sprinkling snowflakes, the sun was shining.
An old canon was dressed up in white.

I walked under a great misteltoe, but there was no one to kiss

So I walked home
A lovely walk on a Saturday.