søndag 15. februar 2015


Yes I know I've written about this before, but who cares. Follow the link if you want to see another bun.

Anyway, this time my good helper helped me out a lot!  

All ready, waiting for the whipped cream. 

It's time to put the kettle on and have a Fastelaven bun! 

lørdag 14. februar 2015

By the water

All my life, I've lived by the Oslo fjord, except a few years when I was a student, then I lived in another town. By a river. 
I love walking along the water, all year around. It smells of salt and sea, seaweed, lovely sounds of water against rocks and sand, the waves, the wind. It's really soothing and good to my soul. 
When I grew up, as soon as we learned how to swim, we were allowed to go to the beach by ourselves, with our friends. We grabbed our bikes and went down to swim several times a day, or stayed there all day. 
I never realized how lucky we were to have so many places within such closeness, to go swimming! Thats how it is when you are young. 
As I said I still live in the same town, and now I know how lucky I am. 

This spot is very close to my supermarket. I can leave the car there after grocery shopping, and take a walk if I need a bit of fresh air. In the summer, we often take a swim before doing the shopping. 

Sometimes the tide is extra high in the canal

Horten canal 

Its winter, not much swimming here, in the summer, stairs are put out, so it's easier to get in to the water. 

A little fishing boat

A little bridge for walking and bicycling. 

torsdag 12. februar 2015

Close up beauty

If you are looking for beauty, look around yourself! 
If you look closely you are surrounded by beauty in all shapes, forms and colours: 
This is what I found in my house yesterday: 
Freshly baked sweet buns

Firewood for the fireplace

Water from the tap

An unfinished drawing

A latch on a very old little box

An orchid

So many beautyful things in my home. Beauty doesn't always have to be grand, you just look a little closer! 

lørdag 7. februar 2015

The young ones

Since I first startet this blog, my kids has grown an developed from young kids to young grown ups. My lovely Pink Princesse was 14 years old and my handsome Little Chef was 11 when I started. 
My blog was never mainly about them, but they was part of it, and will still be. 

Now, Pink Princesse is 21 years old, she is currently working in a kindergarden. Her goal is to be a qualifyed teacher for young children, she has found her path, and loving it. The respect and warmth in her voice when se talks about these little people with all their life ahead of them is wonderful! 
She is planning to move in together with her boyfriend, they are so happy and ecxited, all the little tihings one needs when starting your own home for the first time, I still remember some of the stuff I had the first time I moved away from my parents. (When I think of it, I still use a few of them) And then there is all the other practical stuff, what about bills, how much to spend on food, (she: mum, how do I change a lightbulb, I suddenly realize I've never done it! Me: hello, you're moving in with an electrician!!) oh how exciting times, she is so ready, and even though it will be strange for us not to have her around all the time, it's our job to blow wind in her sails! 

Little Chef is far from little anymore! (194 cm tall) He is 18 years old, has got his drivinglicence half a year ago, and got a car about five minutes after the test was passed. He drives all the time, all over the place, and feels free as a bird! He is a very social person, loves to be with his friends! 
He is working in a old peoples institution, with elderly people with dementia. He loves his job, he has a big heart for geriatric health care, this is his path. The first time he told me about what he wanted to do, I was so surprized, but delighted and proud! He is training to be a qualifyed health carer, and hopefully one day a nurse. 

Yorkshire Lad is still my English husband (you never know about these things these days) we enjoy life and pat eachothers shoulders when we see how well our kids are doing, and how lovely people they are! We have much more time on our hands now, no more homework to cry over, no big worries about teenagetrouble. Little Chef complained the other day about how slow and inactive we were, sitting in the sofa one day, watching a film, and I told him, I deserve to relax now, and to find out what I want to do with my time, after having used all my time for the past 20 years to take care of my family. I'll ask him how he feels after bringing up his kids, in another 25 years or so. (If I still can remember) They still need their mommy, thank heavens, and I will always be there for them. 

Krakilette was and is "my place" with all my random things and thoughts, food, family, and other stuff, and so it still will be. 
And because I do not like to post without a photo, and I haven't asked the others permition to post a photo of them, here's one of me: 

This is me, on my third birthday!