søndag 29. august 2010

Waffles and tea

My husband made me waffles
and served them with brown cheese, jam and quark
Served with a good cup of tea
That was some good waffles!

torsdag 26. august 2010

Salmon says hello!

Salmon, I just love an oven baked piece of fish!
This is the trimmings
that goes well with my fish:
Potato, peas, carrots, quark and a slice of lemon
Every day the clouds are celebrating the drama of
Is it here already?

onsdag 25. august 2010

Being a winner, then a host

I'm a girl that enjoy ordinary days, plain things
and down to earth living.
When my friend Christo hosted a sandwich challenge
after being the winner of the Culinary Smackdown in July
I thought, thats fun, and started to fantasize
about spectacular sandwiches..
There was to many ideas,
to many choices!
Then it dawned on me:
Plain girl, plain sandwich!
So I picked something I like
took a photo
(then ate the sandwich)
and looked forward to see all the wonderful sandwiches!
The next day
the results was presented to us Chez What
All those colorful, and without doubt wonderful tasting sandwiches!
Among them
The little Star from the North,
Scrolling down, I suddenly realized:
I won!
How fun, how strange!
So this is me now:
(the resemblance is, well, not to bad)

Christo told me:
You know, now you are the next host!
(slight panic attack)
But I've come to my sences.
I'll host. Maybe not as skilled as he did
but still!
The theme for the September Culinary Smackdown is:

Anything related to chocolate or cocoa

Do you take the challenge??
You have until 18th of September to enter the challenge.

mandag 23. august 2010

Twinkle sandwich

Dark rye bread
with liverpaste,
tomato and leek
Sometimes simple is the star!

This star of a sandwich
is for Christo

søndag 22. august 2010

Tasty chaos a la potato!

After two hours of baking
and longing
The potato opened like a flower
And filled with all sorts
Major mess
major tastyness!

Perfect comfort food

torsdag 19. august 2010

Taste of Pasta

Made a bit of pasta
for my nephews yesterday
Dinkie wasn't helping much
Blåmann, the blue monkey was exhausted too!
But the pasta was a sucess
and now their mum has to make them fresh pasta very soon
Isn't it great to pass on inspiration!

søndag 15. august 2010

National park and sunshine

We love to have a walk in
our little national park
it has seceral mounds and cairns

and lots of space
by the fjord

It is one of my favourite places!

But what's happening here?
Our little dog loves to rest in the sunshine
she seeks the light, on the floor
on a chair, in the sofa...
but tables?
This is not allowed!
She knows, hence the slightly guilty look
(which is hard to see because the blackness)

torsdag 12. august 2010

Spoon food

When my people is out of the house
and I find myself alone for dinner.
I make something I like very much:
Quick lentil stew a la Anette!
Lentils, potato, carrot, red pepper, cellery, garlic and
my friend chile
Hot and yummy!
For dessert:
blueberries, rasberries and custard
Simple and just lovely!

tirsdag 10. august 2010

The big 14

Little Chef once was his mum's little sweet boy
He still is after 14 years
even though he soon can carry his mum!
Yesterday he celebrated his 14th birthday
His aunt brought what he had asked her to do
Oreo cake!
The day was warm and lovely
and we had a garden party with the family
Tonight there is a bunch of lanky boys and girls
all of them around the same age
laughing, talking
and consuming pizza.
Since there is one vegetarian and one with coeliac
There was one pizza with everything
one without meat
And one without gluten
And for Pink Princesse and mum,
who wasn't invited
there was Wok
Birthdays are fun, love and food!

søndag 8. august 2010

Chile and cinnamon

The 2 th generation chile
is growing in my garden
last years summer was cold and rainy
and I had to keep my plants indoors most of the summer.
It was autumn when I spotted the first chile babies
This year, the weather is better, and my plants are in the garden,
And by the look of it, getting enough warmth to grow their first
chile baby I got the first seeds two years ago sent to me
from my friend in NY
then I took seeds from last years chile
and planted them this spring,
hence 2th generation chile, grown in Norway.

Last week we went on holiday to Sweden.
We had such a relaxing week, everyone was on track
and the weather was lovely.
The swedish eggs was terrible,
but the cinnamon rolls was just heaven
I got inspired, and made a batch today
Now the house smells
cinnamon heaven!
I've had a quiet and relaxing Sunday today.
Husband and kids
finds it very entertaining to get scared to death
in rollercoasters etc
They've spent all day enjoying themselves in an amusement park
I have no near death wish,
I baked them som lunch to bring
Sent them off
And enjoyed the peace, baking and reading
and finally seeing the film
Which I enjoyed very much!