fredag 29. januar 2010

Things in my kitchen

This little teapot
is actually attached to a chain with a
tea infuser ball at the end
my salt mill
with quality salt
A wooden spoon
with small cherry tomatoes
these are things used every day
in my kitchen

søndag 17. januar 2010

Is there Ice in organize?

Little Chef is in a creative mood
He wants to make a glass out of ice
And puts two cups with water between them
in the freezer
When it's frozen he fills the inner cup with water
So far so good
until it cracks because of the difference in temperature
Looks good, but cannot hold anything but air this time..
We relax with a cup of warm tea
and discuss what we can do better next time.
We can truly picture ourselves drinking Coke
from a ice glass!
As the new year started
We decided to try to be a little bit more organized
when it comes to our weekly menue
and grocery shopping.
So far (we're on Menue 3)
so good!
Being a full time working mum
It's so much better to know what to have for dinner
And who's gonna make it!
We have made our shoppinglist after making the menue
so there's no need for an emergency trip ti the shop
(as long as I remember to defrost whats frozen, in time!)
Ah! what to do with all this spare time!

søndag 10. januar 2010


It's cold
Our water pipes are still intact
The car is still starting in the morning
we wear layers of clothes
our cheeks are frost bitten
It's a magic frosty mist over the fjord
the ferry is disappearing mysteriously
Even salty water will freeze eventually
Our surroundings are beautiful!

We're enjoying a crispy cold winter!

mandag 4. januar 2010

Scary Fireworks Fun

Little Chef loves Fireworks!
New Year's eve has passed
and he has fired off the rest of his fireworks
to all the dogs, mums and cats relief!
But then:
He's learnt some new tricks
The guy says: "don't try this at home"
Yeah right!!
Why bother learning something you can't use!
His uncle took the photos
and was ready to push him into the snow
in case of imergency
And Mum saw the photos after the show,
when everything had worked out well!
Sometimes it's better that way!

fredag 1. januar 2010

Fun and fluids at New Years Eve

For entertainment
what about a Cola tasting competition?
Eight different types,
surprisingly hard to tell the difference
And when the time came
firework came and went
and we had bubbly wine
with gold in it!
And some lovely Cheesecake!
Happy New Year!