søndag 28. september 2008

Fire wood

We're preparing for the cold season
Birch fire wood
good quality, dried since January

lørdag 27. september 2008

Time, you just need to take it slow!

Since we're on about lamb.
Here's yesterdays grub:

Slices of a lambs leg
quick browning in the fryiong pan
Carrots and celery
Made a sauce of onions, garlic, crushed tomatoes,
rosemary,thyme, red wine, salt, pepper,
and a pinch of sugar.
Let it cook for 30 min
poured it over the vegetables
and laid the meat on top

Put a bit of feta cheese on the meat

and covered it all.

After one and a halv hour in 185 C

it looked like this:

Oh My!

Not much was said while eating that meal

other than sounds of pure delight and munching..

Cause thats the best food we've had in a long time!

Slow cooking, makes lovely food!

torsdag 25. september 2008


Hunting for colours now!

onsdag 24. september 2008

Lamb in cabbage

At this time of the year
when we get this years lamb in the store
Most Norwegians enjoy this dish
once or several times.
It's called "Får i kål" which means
"sheep in cabbage"
But usually we use meat from lamb.
It's ever so easy to make:
Lamb, cabbage, salt and whole black pepper corn, and water.
And you have to take your time, because the longer it cooks the better it gets!
Most Norwegians will tell you that it it tastes better the second time you warm it up.
So a lot of us, make enough for two og three days.
A man I knew, he used to make enough for a week,
and then he reheated it again and again
enjoying every serving he had.
If your belly gets upset by the well cooked cabbage
Its a good ide to have a little drink of Aquavit
which with its caraway settles the stomach.

søndag 21. september 2008

New salad

In the paper one day, I saw a new reciepe:
This is it
Roasted pine nuts
Snack red pepper
(I added that cause it's so sweet and nice)

Feta cheese
And fresh basil leaves, plenty of it.

That was an tasty, unusual, and very refreshing salad!

Airborne tomato

Greek tomato, brought back from Greece, in my hand luggage.
Before I ate it, back in Norway
(while the rain were pouring outside)
I took out some seeds.
Maybe some tomatoes can grow in my garden next summer?

lørdag 20. september 2008

Its been a year!

In fact more than a year!
I just checked and I've passed my one year anniversary
in discreet silence.
But it's not bad I must say!
I still like it,and will continue!

torsdag 18. september 2008

Memories of a fishing trip

As you know. My laptop is having a breakdown.
so all my photos is unavailable at the moment.
or trapped in its memory stick that is.
the stationary PC has the photos from a couple of years ago
(not to self: remember to back up those photos as well)
And let me tell you about a fishing trip:
It was a hot summer day.
My daughter was on a scouts summer camp, my husband was at work
and my son and I we had all the time we could dream of!
We decided to go fishing down at the dock, where the ferry is.
There was people from several other countries there.
But no other norwegians, they weren't bothered with the kind of fish you could catch there.
These are some of tje fish we caught.
My son was sniffing around to look at what the others had in their fishing bags.
They were much better than us at fishing!
And had better, and sharper fishing gear!
So on the way home we went to the hospital to stitch up a eager little finger.

The dog got those little fishes, fried, and threw them back up.

We agreed it had been a lovely day!

And did it all over again the next day, except the stitching and the dog-feeding incident.

søndag 14. september 2008

Major breakdown

(photo having nothing to do with anything except the memory of a good fishing trip)
I'm having a panic attack!
cause my laptop has had a breakdown.
Luckily I have all my photos on a 8 GB memorystick
But all the rest??

I suddenly realize that that my laptop is
my own cyber room.
where I decide
where no kids can leave dirty laundry
where no one cries my name every 3. minute.
You know, that means a lot
to a fulltime working mum of two, wife and house keeper!
Oh my...
I'll be fighting with the other 3 to get time by the stationary PC now...
(I've got to get it fixed, or I'll go to pieces!)
The blogging might be effected by this disaster.
but I'll get back!
(Got to get it fixed.. note to self)

tirsdag 9. september 2008

Home again!

I'm back from the land of the Feta Cheese!

And the tomatoes!

I love the big tomatoes,

so big that when I sliced them

it covered all of my sandwich!

My lovely feta cheese and tomatoe sandwich!
I miss it already...

Yoghurt with honey

Greek salad
And Tzaziki... '
It was a lovely week indeed
except for the mosquitos
(38 stings on one face, thats a lot, I tell you!)
(I left my camera at home, but took some pictures anyway
with my mobile phone... )

tirsdag 2. september 2008

Relaxing time

I'm in lovely Greece, Skiathos, with my beloved sister.
This is the good life, with beautiful sea, blue sky, tasty food and a
interesting place indeed!

Just blogging from a slightly worn down internet cafe
with young boys playing games, smoking and talking greek.

In a minute, we'll find ourselves a nice place to eat
an I might have Kleftiko, my favourite.
(as I had last night too)
Different restaurant, different Kleftiko I have experienced.
Or I'll try something else...