lørdag 7. mars 2015

Chicken curry

There is a lot of spices in my curry! 
Together with a lot of onions, and time, it turns into paste.

Freshly made pappadums

And home made naan.

And after a few hours, dig in! (And remember to take a photo before it's all gone! I almost didn't make it! See we were halfway down the pan) 
You've got to love a curry, and wipe your runny nose, the chile and the curry will clean it out! 

torsdag 5. mars 2015

Sodabread and sunshine

If you need bread, quickly
Why not try sodabread! I served it together with a spinach lasagne which was so tasty 
It was gone before I could tale a photo!

This early morning, while eating my breakfast before going to work
Suddenly the sunlight flowed into my living room. It's March, and spring is coming closer!