søndag 31. mai 2009

Summer in my mouth

I hardly need to say anything about this
Life can rarely be better
than it is when
I have a big portion of
strawberries with cream
ready to eat
just for me

The difference

Cooking at the cabin:
These are my friends as always.
I use one each time,
so easy, just peel the whole thing and cut it in pieces

I'm making moussaka
and thinking about what I do differently than
when I make lasagna...
The two main differences which has to be
Is aubergine and cinnamon
The other stuff, I vary as I go along
what I fancy and what I have.
The similarities are many:
chrushed tomatoes, onions,
garlic, bechamel sauce, cheese on top and so on.

We can all agree it's soo good!
And the cinnamon,
it has come to stay
not only on the cinnamon buns and the rice budding
but in my dinner
and on top of my cappucino.

tirsdag 26. mai 2009

Greek grub

So we went traveling to Greece,
it was warm and nice and we went out to eat every night!
before deciding what to order, we got our drinks.
Cola for the kids, and beer for the adults.
And sometimes we got a ouzo on the rocks on the house
I love ouzo!
Some of my favourites:
souvlaki, this one with chicken
Keftedes, greek meatballs
Kleftiko, lamb baked with vegetables and feta cheese

Stifado, meat and onion caserole.
Ice cream
I had tzaziki everyday,
I was probably so greedy that I never took a photo of it!
Between all the good grub
my lovely two dolfins enjoyed the water
morning and night!

lørdag 16. mai 2009

Away away!

Last September I brought a Greek tomato home from holiday.
I dried some seeds from it, and hid them.
A couple of weeks ago, I planted them, and every seed came up!
After a while it gets too crowdy!
More space is ready with fresh soil

While the tomatoes are getting settled:
"We are going on a
Summer holiday
No more working for a week or two!"
It may not be all summer yet, but we're still going! For a week to Greece!

You might probably know that I love Greece!

I will report later, of course I'm taking my camera!

onsdag 13. mai 2009

Eating square


Square can be good.
A shy block of frozen cod.
You just have to give it a chance to bloom!

let simmer in bechamel sauce with the spring onion

mix with fusilli take it away from the heat
and add an eggall of it in to the oven to be gratinated
serve outside in the afternoon sun with potatoes and vegetables
So the square thing..
it can be ok now and then

For dessert: square home made blueberry pie
and ready to eat custard from a square carton

søndag 10. mai 2009

Sunday split

Somtimes when you're a family
its nice to split in to pairs and do different things.
Today, the boys went to the cabin.
(according to husbands facebook the reason was
" to get away from the premenstrual members of the houshold")
Anyway, when they went off, the girls did a little dance of happiness!
Pink Princess made me a nice omelette.
we made sweet buns
Lovely with brown cheese
Shandie Pipkin enjoyed the absence of noisy dog Dinkie !
Little Chef phoned on Skype from the cabin to see what we were doing
He was missing us!

torsdag 7. mai 2009


I haven't done this before, but it can't be that difficult
Wheat tortillas
(in the sun)

minced chicken, and vegetables
crushed tomatoes and of course: chile
and chilibeans

Wrap, roll and stack
and cover with grated cheese

Served with avocado, and quark

mandag 4. mai 2009

Klippfisk and bacalao

This is salted codfish
and I'm making Bacalao

The one I bought had to be watered for 7 hours,
I let it stay over night.

Next to the fish I use
potatoes, onions, garlic

crushed tomatoes, red pepper
chile, salt and pepper.
I put everything in layers in a pan
and let it simmer for a long time.

maybe not so elegant
but a feast for your taste buds!

søndag 3. mai 2009


I like Avocado very much.
The trick is to find the good ones!
Lately I've had difficulties finding good ones!
They are usually sold separately or in pairs.
When sold in pairs they are garanteed to be "ready to eat"
To be sure I've bought the "ready to eat" packets
and several time I have become disappointed.
"ready to chuck" is more correctly described.
So now, I'm back on the single ones
and I have to trust myself picking the right one.
Underneath we have a good one!

With it I can make guacamole

But in a way I like it best the chunky way!

With nachos

Or in a plain chunky salad together with tomato this time

Very suitable next to chili con carne

fredag 1. mai 2009

Now this is the good life

This is our new black kettle.
It's should not to be shiny like this,
but black like the sott that covers it after ten minutes over the fire.
hence the name.
The coffee was splendid!
The spicy sausage with potato salad, ketchup,
mustard and crispy onion
in a bun
And for the first time this year:
Strawberries, oh hallelujah!
I love strawberries!
Note the sun, it has been lovely today!
Strawberries with cream for dessert.