søndag 25. januar 2015

A good helper

This is my good helper in the kitchen. One of the reasons there has been less (or none) cooking and blogging about it is that over the last two years, a stupid tennis elbow has made both cooking and typing more difficult. (Oh, she's a tennis player you may wonder.. But no, sorry there is not much of a sportswoman in me! )
Long story short, I have had to find new ways to enjoy my hobby and passion for cooking, after I've realized that my right elbow will stay as it is. 
One of my new helpers is this wonderful red creature! Together with him, I redevelop my old ways of baking, in to new ways. And my spirit is raising! 

fredag 23. januar 2015

Lost friend

It's been such a long time. Allthough I never stop cooking, blogging about it has had a long break. 
In the blogging world you start following other blogs and people start to follow your blog. Some of these people becomes your friend. 

Look at these knives, I won them a few years back or it was meant to be just one, but then I got all three. My friend Christo arranged a competition and I won. 

I have used the knives everyday since , especially the middle one, that's my favourite. 

Today I learned that Christo had passed away. On his facebook page I can see how many people he has inspired, with his ultimate love for cooking, like he inspired me. I'm so sorry, it's a great loss! My thoughts goes to his family tonight. 

lørdag 2. november 2013

Autumn joy

In September my sister and I went on a fabulous trip to Venice. We stayed there for four days and there was no sign of autumn anywhere! It was the most wonderful holiday I've ever had (since the one in Greece where I met my dear Yorkshire lad in 1989)!
What a wonderful place, no cars, no bicycles, just walking people, boats, hundreds of bridges, and no stress. Lots of  people go on a daytrip to Venice, travelling past it, going on a cruise etc. but I will recommend to stay there for a few days, then you will get to know it a bit better, you will have time to willingly get lost, and discover wonderful quiet charming places, away from all the tourists. 
Put Venice on your Bucket List! 

Back in Norway autumn has definitely arrived, it's raining, and clear crisp days, bright colors and dark evenings. 
It's time for comfort food:

Our lovely neighbour came by, bringing an applecake, (not on the photo, because it was irresistable and disappeared scaringly fast) and 4 pairs of socks with a typical Norwegian pattern that she had knitted herself! One pair each, lucky us! 

torsdag 15. august 2013

A new leaf on our tree

My little sister became a mother for the first time a few days ago!
She is a year younger than me, and they've had such a long way to go to become parents!
All I can say is that technology and science sometimes can make dreams and miracles come true, and now there is one more beautiful child in our family, who might do great things and make a difference!
He is so beautiful and sweet, and I am so grateful that I've become an aunt one last time!

onsdag 31. juli 2013


Can you stop talking?

I'm knackered...

Leave me alone!

tirsdag 30. juli 2013

Holiday and lazy days

I'm enjoying my holiday!
I'm not travelling anywhere, besides every now and then up to the cabin. 
We have had such lovely weather so far. Since we are living in a little town by the sea, there are several places to go if you want to swim in the sea, or just sit in your beach chair, eating the lunch you brought, reading your book, or just talk to the people around. 

This is also an option: 

With summer comes good food. Mostly food that will take care of it selv, slow cooked in many ways. 

Our car port turns to our garden living room in the summer
The car knows it's place and stays patiently in the drive way, while we enjoy all our meals
In the open carport. 
When you live in Norway, summer can be all sorts of weather, and we still want to be outside.
At night we light candles, and sit there talking, having a laugh, or just listen to the grass hoppers.

My flowers are visited by chubby bumble bees, and they smell lovely!
And still I'm not half way through my Holiday!

onsdag 10. juli 2013

Summer grub, when days are warm

I needed a big container to take our salad out for a picnic.
The baking bowl won the competition!
Mackerel for dinner, with sunshine on the side
Something sweet, blueberry and strawberry dessert, with cream
Thats what I call summer grub!