onsdag 30. desember 2009

Frost and frosting

Its cold!
King Winter has arrived,
and this is the frosty view from my bathroom
I got these silicone baking cups
from my best friend Monica in Denmark:
I had to try them out!
Must not forget to do the pots
While the muffins are cooling

Suddenly muffins became cupcakes
with fluffy frosting!

mandag 28. desember 2009

Lemon bars

Today I fancy something sweet yet tangy
I found the recipe at
This is a good place to go if you want something
sweet and nice!

Mmmmm! lovely!

fredag 25. desember 2009

It's Merry times

Remember the fish tank?
The fishes have moved out,
the angels have moved in
For Christmas I got a macro lens for my camera!
So from now on
Here comes the close ups!
This is my Christmas tree:
(close up, that is)

This is a yorkshire pudding
(still on a 5 cm distance)

And then to a wider perspective:
We are having a
Good Christmas!
We are greatful that we have each other
We have had a year full of
challenges, clarification and reorganization.
We have come out on the other side
More wise, more whole
and happier.
For all this we are greatful!

søndag 20. desember 2009

Pile up food

Half of the burger
is the bread.
And all the other stuff you can manage to pile up
on top of the burger

Grab and eat!

lørdag 19. desember 2009

I'm a trufflemaker

Lets face it
I'm a good girl, rarely up to any trouble
This is as close to trouble I get these days
Chocolate truffles with a hint of coffee

You just need one
And your head goes to
Chocolate heaven!

mandag 14. desember 2009

Fire and forgetfulness

Presenting my chile babies
Full of red fire
And then
Blogging and baking simultaneously
might cause distraction...
And the smell of something burning!

What a waste!

straight in the bin!

tirsdag 8. desember 2009


Advent traditions in Norway
and in our house contains (among other things) this:
(rice porridge or pudding)
Before Christmas the two teenagers in our house
invited some friends
for a Advent party.
Mommie dearest made
loads of rice pudding!

And milk

This was after the first round
and there was hardly any left at all!

The rice pudding is served warm
with sugar, cinnamon and butter in the middle
(you dip every spoonful in the melting butter )
At Christmas we hide a peeled almond or three
in the rice pudding.
The lucky one who finds it is not to tell
but hide it in his mouth or hand until every one has finished eating
then he reveals the almond,
and gets a price!
Usually the price is a pig made of marzipan.
It was a loud and happy party
with laughter and warmth.
and it went surprisingly well to mix
6 sixteen year olds
and 6 thirteen year olds!
(As it did last year and the year before)

lørdag 5. desember 2009

December thoughts

I love candles
they burn so quietly
So peacefully
giving warmth and light

Every morning, afternoon and night
we burn several candles
This time of the year we only have daylight
a couple of hours in the middle of the day
if it's a clear day.
We stay inside and burn our candles
hibernating in the dark season.

The most eaten fruit of the season in Norway
is clementines
Not from here of course,
This one is a sweet treasure from Spain.
The smell of clementines
is the smell of Christmas!
In Norway it was common to clean your entire house
before Christmas.
This is not such a common tradition amongst my generation
Why should we do that, when no one can see a thing?
One trick is to burn Christmas incense
To make your house smell nice

And if you really want it to smell like you've actually cleaned ceiling and walls, then you can fill a little saucer with pine-sol and hide it behind a curtain in your living room, I'm just saying...

fredag 27. november 2009

Salma and shortbread

It was time for some fish
and today we chose Salma
What a lovely color, I almost wanted to
eat it raw!
Cucumber salad
quick pickled
in vinegar, salt, sugar, black pepper and water
The salmon baked in the oven
it was the most juicy fish I've had in a long time

Oven baked potatoes,
bless them with the soft inside and the rough outside

A palette of color and taste!

Then a little baking
Shortbread, so simple
with a hint of cinnamon
Put the kettle on!

onsdag 18. november 2009

Tonka time

It's time to light candles
Light the fire
and enjoy fall!
We have no Tonka trucks

But when it comes to tonka beans
I got a few in a sweet smelling mail yesterday
from my friend Christo!

Now I have to google

tirsdag 10. november 2009

Harvest time

Last year I brought a tomato home from Greece
I planted the seeds
and took good care of the plants
Like I've never done before!
But the summer was rainy, and cold.
Nothing like the sunny Greek summer!
From my lovely green tomato plants
I got only one decent tomato
The rest of them were small
At least it was a good tomato

And gave me new seeds for next year.
I'm not a quitter!!

In the backround
a couple of drying chiles
At least they came out red and lovely!

søndag 8. november 2009

The sweetness of a ripe banana

When our bananas start to look like this
my husband wants to throw them away.
But inside there is mature sweetness
Perfect for a massive banana cake!
And he loves banana cake!
No more talk about throwing anything away!
Until next time he spots some brown bananas.