fredag 27. november 2009

Salma and shortbread

It was time for some fish
and today we chose Salma
What a lovely color, I almost wanted to
eat it raw!
Cucumber salad
quick pickled
in vinegar, salt, sugar, black pepper and water
The salmon baked in the oven
it was the most juicy fish I've had in a long time

Oven baked potatoes,
bless them with the soft inside and the rough outside

A palette of color and taste!

Then a little baking
Shortbread, so simple
with a hint of cinnamon
Put the kettle on!

onsdag 18. november 2009

Tonka time

It's time to light candles
Light the fire
and enjoy fall!
We have no Tonka trucks

But when it comes to tonka beans
I got a few in a sweet smelling mail yesterday
from my friend Christo!

Now I have to google

tirsdag 10. november 2009

Harvest time

Last year I brought a tomato home from Greece
I planted the seeds
and took good care of the plants
Like I've never done before!
But the summer was rainy, and cold.
Nothing like the sunny Greek summer!
From my lovely green tomato plants
I got only one decent tomato
The rest of them were small
At least it was a good tomato

And gave me new seeds for next year.
I'm not a quitter!!

In the backround
a couple of drying chiles
At least they came out red and lovely!

søndag 8. november 2009

The sweetness of a ripe banana

When our bananas start to look like this
my husband wants to throw them away.
But inside there is mature sweetness
Perfect for a massive banana cake!
And he loves banana cake!
No more talk about throwing anything away!
Until next time he spots some brown bananas.

tirsdag 3. november 2009

Lungemos and Tea time

There is something called "Lungemos" in Norway
Some love it, some hate it , some haven't even tried it
and there is them who haven't heard of it at all.
We used to have it for our dinner in the seventies,
cheap and good and very child-friendly
We used to mash out potatoes in it
and the taste was salty and spicy,
and no need to chew
It's the Haggis of Norway
made of meat, heart, lungs and other stuff from pork, lamb or cow.
(Lungemos means mash of lungs,
maybe that's what putting people off?)
Today I got a surprise at work.
A colleague brought me a book,
which she had got from someone.
Since I am a anglofile Norwegian girl
who loves to cook and bake, this was a treat for me!
A book about traditions, reciepes and little anecdotes..

Crumpets.. The first time I went to visit my husbands family
I got these round strange things, full of holes,
warm and dripping with butter
in what would become my mother-in-law's kitchen.
I might not try to make them, but there is other things in there
like scones, mincemeat pies, fruitcakes, tarts, biscuits and cucumber sandwiches.