mandag 30. juni 2008

Bedroom with a view

My window is also a mirror
From my bed I can see the sky
The swallows are singing their night song
I can smell the sea if I try

onsdag 25. juni 2008

mandag 23. juni 2008

Warming soup

How about some vegetable soup?
The summer seems to have taken a break.
Having it with some crisp bread on the side.
With ekstra pepper
it makes me warm inside!
Nose is running
thats a good sign.

lørdag 21. juni 2008


world of sand
relaxing times
creative times

fredag 20. juni 2008

Friday it is!

Its that goooood feeling again!

mandag 16. juni 2008


When she saw the rainbow that evening
she realized how lucky she was
So were the prisoners of the island in the middle of the fjord
who got all the gold at the end of it!
She clicked the heels of her clogs
saying "there's no place like home"
Feeling so lucky to have a home

Then she realized

that from the prisoners point of view

that rainbow ended at her house

total lack of gold of course,

but a wonderful treasure that she knew she was lucky to have.

She hoped that the prisoners had a home to return to when they had served their sentences.

søndag 15. juni 2008

tirsdag 10. juni 2008

Mackerell in tomatosauce

Mental health in a tin

søndag 8. juni 2008

lørdag 7. juni 2008

Hot time, summer in the village

Back in the hammock
reading my book
Its hot
Dreaming of a cold one
Remembering this

fredag 6. juni 2008

I like

Chinese garlic, because it has only one "clove"
saves me time, and I can easily put a whole garlic in my dish
And I love plenty of garlic!
Chili bean mix, because its spicy,
and because I like the texture and the taste of beans
It has a lovely colour
and I can eat it heated or cold

A good book

where the story is put together well

and which is a paperback

cause then I feel I've got plenty of book for my money

I don't mind having worn out paperbacks in my book shelves, it makes me happy!

Not such a great deal for the writer maybe

but it gives me the opportunity to own some books for my self


mandag 2. juni 2008



you might wake a sleeping troll!

on the other hand

they've all turned to rock

when the sun came out!

an old rock fence

A rock asking to be climbed