søndag 19. september 2010

Announcing the contestants and the winner

I am hereby announcing the contestants of Battle Chocolate
September 2010
There has been a lot of interest and 5 bloggers came forward
with their chocolate temptations!
As they came in, I was thinking of how to pick the winner.
I will now present the contestants in no particular order,
and tell you how I chose the winner at the end.
Treat'n'trick made Cocoa shortbread
I like the way you almost used the recipe, but not quite
Thats my cup of tea, and the way I do a lot of my cooking!
(when I use recipes at all, that is)
And how did you know I am a sucker for shortbread!
Then there was
chocolate and vanilla trifle with blackberries and chocolate syrup
from ChezWhat
Trifle is one of my favourite desserts!
You cant beat mixing chocolate with blackberries
and the levels with different taste
really speaks to me!
Next up was the Chocolat-inspired chocolate cake
Dark, with chile and coffee
and inspired by my favourite film: Chocolat!
The cake being "adult-tasting" suites me well,
buy the kids a Marsbar, and leave the cake to us!

There was the Chocolate rasberry cheesecake from
Again the Chocolate and berry combination, but this time Cheesecake!
I usually make cheesecakes cold (no bake)
and I've never tried a chocolate version,
but I can just imagine the mild chocolaty cheesy creamyness
together with the sweet and tangy rasberries!
Finally there was Chocolate tamales with Ancho chile fudge sauce
This was a whole new world for me,
I've never made nor eaten tamales
and I never thought you could bake like this!
The Chile versus Chocolate-thing, well you already know I've discovered that connection!
I now totally understand why Christo chose to draw the winner
because how on earth do you pick one from these!
I told my son Little Chef I was going to throw a dice
to decide who should win!
He said it wasn't right, and frankly I would be a bit of a coward if I did it like that.
It was my Battle, My theme
I should pick the one that spoke loudest to me.
So I went through them again..
Before I tell you who I picked
The price is A modern version of the Norwegian invention:
The Cheesegrater
I'll send it off together with a
culinary curiosity from Norway.

Finally, this is the post that spoke the loudest to me, and made my heart jump:

Chocolate Tamales with Ancho Chile Fudge Sauce


Remember you are the host of the October Culinary Smackdown 2010!

lørdag 18. september 2010

Last Chance

This is the last call for The September Culinary Smackdown!
Boys and girls,
post your entry on your blog,
and leave me a message
(post a comment on my blog)
Tomorrow I will present to you
the winner
the contestants
and the Price!

lørdag 11. september 2010

Chocolate truffles with a hint of chile

These sweet babies
have a friend: Chocolate
Hot chile from New Mexico
in 1 dl cream
Warm up til just boiling
add 200 g dark 70% chocolate til melted
and maybe a drop of coffee
Leave in the fridge until next day

Handroll to the shape and size you want
but fast and cool your hands if it starts to get too sticky
Put them in a box with a bit of cocoa powder
make sure they get cowered with cocoa
One mouthful of this
is dark and wonderful heaven!
One week left until the
Don't forget!

fredag 10. september 2010

Pink Princesse 17 years old

This is the little Pink Princesse
17 years ago
Mommies little
Always mommies little sweet Plum, even if she is taller than me!
Seventeen years ago my life changed for ever
when I became her mum.

søndag 5. september 2010

Cabin life and chocolate

My husband enjoying his egg, toast and bacon
5 degrees Celcius in the morning
so we had to put a log on the fire
Jumping frog competition
my sister won
She didn't brag much about it!

Flower in the sun
On it's way down but still pretty

Applecake when we came home
with apples from the garden.

That more or less sums my lovely weekend up!
And now my friends
Don'd forget my challenge to you
The theme is Chocolate
I do love it!
Check out this
or this
or even this