fredag 1. januar 2010

Fun and fluids at New Years Eve

For entertainment
what about a Cola tasting competition?
Eight different types,
surprisingly hard to tell the difference
And when the time came
firework came and went
and we had bubbly wine
with gold in it!
And some lovely Cheesecake!
Happy New Year!

5 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...


İlhami Uyar sa...

I wish happy,healty and succesufull years.Regards.

monica sa...

so -which coke do you prefer? or couldn't you tell any difference?

happy new year!!

Marjie sa...

Happy New Year, Anette! We had cheesecake and bubbly, too; it's a great way to celebrate!

ayamlin sa...

Happy new years!
I hope we have such a lovely year!