torsdag 18. februar 2010

Who would have thought

You know when people are tone deaf?
And they wouldn't know a tone if it bit them in the ear..
Well, I would say I'm sport deaf (or blind?)
Or maybe it's all greek to me!
But these days I am actually enjoying watching a bit of sport!
I find myself sitting in front of the telly, biting my fingernails
and cheering for our skiing talents.

Circular food is essential
for the circles in the olympic symbol
And hearts, I guess for Love
At the moment I'm watching biathlon
and a young girl from Norway just won a gold medal!

4 kommentarer:

Mona sa...

Hei, det hadde jeg ikke trodd, gitt ! At du kom til å glo på sportssendinger ! Det er jo litt spesielt med Olympiader, i alle fall når det er om vinteren.

KennyT sa...

That heart shaped waffle looks stunning!

doggybloggy sa...

please post your recipe for the waffles - I am hit and miss when it comes to success and yours look perfectly golden....

monica sa...

it's great being Norwegian in Denmark during winter olympics.. :o)