lørdag 29. mai 2010

An European phenomenon

Today we're celebrating the Eurovision Song Contest
This is a song competition that has been happening on television every year since 1956!
In Norway we have been participating since 1960.
Along the years, the popularity of this program has been up and down.

Nowadays, it has kind of a cool- uncool status.
You are either openly enjoying it, secretly enjoying it, ignoring it or really hating it
A lot of people watch it, and mean a lot about it
but are embarassed to admit
that they enjoy it.

It is entertainment, glam, dresses, weird songs, and some good ones.
And it's kind of fun too.

This year, Norway is the host, since we won last year.
That is something special for our country,
since we are the ones that has lost most times,
has got "Norway, zero points" most times too!

This year we're cheering for this young man!

4 kommentarer:

monica sa...

and the winner is Germany ! which is OK by me. Demark came in as no 4, also OK by me. My favourite this year was Belgium - a young man and his guitar,no more. Brilliant! Didn't quite get the Norwegian contribution though...

Marina sa...

I liked Germany too as well as Belgium! We enjoy watching Eurovision song contest every year! In fact we gather all together, family and friends, we eat souvlakia or pizzas and everybody votes for his/her favourite song. What did you think about the greek song?

Anette sa...

I liked Russia best. Very untypical song in the competition, no glam or anything, just nerve.

Marina sa...

By the way, I love the blossoms at the top of your blog! They show Spring, fresh hot air, the regeneration of nature and that summer is close!