søndag 4. desember 2011

Julebord and coconut cake

Last night we had our annual Julebord (Christmas party) at work
This year we chose to do it far out in the woods
Viking style!
The place was rustic, wooden and rough
the floor was of hard soil
and there was massive logs og the fire.
Even if it was kind of outside-ish, it was warm .
The tables was of thick wood, the chairs was of thick stumps of wood
with skins of reindeer to sit on.
The menue was grilled lamb and salmon

Outside there was kerosene lamps and torches to show us the way.
There was stars and moon above, and it was magical!

This afternoon back from the wilderness
I made a coconut cake
soft and cruncy coconut meringue on top.

3 kommentarer:

Marjie sa...

It sounds like a great party. I'd enjoy sitting on nice warm reindeer skins. But I'd have to be close to a fire, since my feet are always cold!

monica sa...

sounds magical indeed! the only thing missing was snow, uh?

At Home with Rebecka sa...

This sounds like a fairytale Christmas! I would love to have the opportunity to experience such a wonderful Jule Party!!