søndag 23. juni 2013

Picnic at the cabin and an ice tea

My summer holiday is not to start while the end of July, but I am ready for it now.
I try to do stuff that feel holiday-ish after work and during the weekends. 
This way I make myself believe that I am already off, and the summer seems long and promising!
One afternoon last week, we had a picnic at the cabin. 
my mum and dad came with us, they used to own our cabin, and they love to come with us, and to see how much we treasure the old little house and the garden. 

We enjoyed our food in the sun, aspic, garlic bread and remoulade, and a few ice cold non alcoholic beers (we were driving)

On our way home the GPS suddenly felt the urge to tell us that "you are home in 23 minutes". Even though nobody had asked it. 

Back in the kitchen Pink Princesse treated me with an ice tea and a few strawberries from the coffemachine she gave us for Christmas!

2 kommentarer:

monica sa...

Uh, coffe machine, nice!

gemma sa...

such a lovely day --