lørdag 14. februar 2015

By the water

All my life, I've lived by the Oslo fjord, except a few years when I was a student, then I lived in another town. By a river. 
I love walking along the water, all year around. It smells of salt and sea, seaweed, lovely sounds of water against rocks and sand, the waves, the wind. It's really soothing and good to my soul. 
When I grew up, as soon as we learned how to swim, we were allowed to go to the beach by ourselves, with our friends. We grabbed our bikes and went down to swim several times a day, or stayed there all day. 
I never realized how lucky we were to have so many places within such closeness, to go swimming! Thats how it is when you are young. 
As I said I still live in the same town, and now I know how lucky I am. 

This spot is very close to my supermarket. I can leave the car there after grocery shopping, and take a walk if I need a bit of fresh air. In the summer, we often take a swim before doing the shopping. 

Sometimes the tide is extra high in the canal

Horten canal 

Its winter, not much swimming here, in the summer, stairs are put out, so it's easier to get in to the water. 

A little fishing boat

A little bridge for walking and bicycling. 

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