lørdag 7. mars 2015

Chicken curry

There is a lot of spices in my curry! 
Together with a lot of onions, and time, it turns into paste.

Freshly made pappadums

And home made naan.

And after a few hours, dig in! (And remember to take a photo before it's all gone! I almost didn't make it! See we were halfway down the pan) 
You've got to love a curry, and wipe your runny nose, the chile and the curry will clean it out! 

4 kommentarer:

Jocelyn sa...

I want some of allllll that right now! Yum.

gemma sa...

looks delicious -- perfect for cold weather.

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under sa...

The papadums look delicious dunk in the sauce of that curry YUM, I love all kinds of curry. You are absolutely correct, it helps with clearing our respiratory system, the hotter the better.

gemma sa...

Where are you? Hope all is well. My husband just connected with a cousin who lives in Lodingen - yes his grandmother is from Norway... I wish you would reappear from time to time . We loved your recipes and pictures and miss you.