mandag 22. juni 2009

I've got little

I'm experiencing a slight desert-ish situation
in the creative center of my brain.

It't not like I'm not cooking or enjoying life
it's just that after work, my garden are so green and tempting
and the laptop is left alone more than it likes
Its lovely summer now
Dinkie is enjoying a visit from her aunt Emma
At the cabin
its green, green!
There is no running water, but a well that fills up with ground water
We lift the water up with buckets.
For the hand hygiene, we fill up a tank with a tap
and voila!
And then there is always a pile of waffles
around the corner
I'll be back
when inspiration calls!

4 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

thats cool - maybe you need a break but the funny part is I am from the desert and thats where I go in my mind to GET inspiration....

Marjie sa...

Your little pile of waffles is cute! When all else fails, you can show us your garden!

antigoni sa...

I would like some waffles with ice cream and chocolate! Isn't the greatest time of the year?

foodcreate sa...

I love your Sunday Waffles! They look so Fabulous!

Thanks for sharing your recipe

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