fredag 31. juli 2009

My July garden

Remember the chile I got from my friend Le Chien?
He said that to get them to grow chiles
I had to make sure the bees did their job on the flower department
(if you know what I mean)
Well my chile babies has been enjoying a good life in my kitchen window
because the weather hasn't exactly been like New Mexico..
They are just about to start flowering now
so I had a look in my garden to see
which plants had most action going on.
At the moment the chile plants are enjoying a party
with the boysenberry plants..
What do you think Cristo?
Any hope?

A lot going on in the flower and bumble bee department...

Another exciting development is my greek tomatoes
Still just flowering,
but they have been living out door all summer, bless them!

if i get any luck on these two projects,
I can promise you
there will be some "show-and-tell" posting!

Flowering mint

Soon to be full grown apples

Cherries. I'm working on my motivation to pick a load,
remove the pips inside
and make something!
It takes some time to do it, and gets very messy!
(I don't mind messiness but with these,
you have to wear your worst t-shirt
because at the end you are ready to cast in a splatter movie)

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doggybloggy sa...

the plants look nice and big but do they have any flowers? I love to pinch the leaves and smell the chile aroma.....