tirsdag 8. desember 2009


Advent traditions in Norway
and in our house contains (among other things) this:
(rice porridge or pudding)
Before Christmas the two teenagers in our house
invited some friends
for a Advent party.
Mommie dearest made
loads of rice pudding!

And milk

This was after the first round
and there was hardly any left at all!

The rice pudding is served warm
with sugar, cinnamon and butter in the middle
(you dip every spoonful in the melting butter )
At Christmas we hide a peeled almond or three
in the rice pudding.
The lucky one who finds it is not to tell
but hide it in his mouth or hand until every one has finished eating
then he reveals the almond,
and gets a price!
Usually the price is a pig made of marzipan.
It was a loud and happy party
with laughter and warmth.
and it went surprisingly well to mix
6 sixteen year olds
and 6 thirteen year olds!
(As it did last year and the year before)

3 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

how fun is this - and the trick of keeping an almond in your mouth un-noticed must have made a lot of giggles

Marjie sa...

If your children get on well, their friends will make the effort to get on well. This sounds like a loud and wonderful party! I love rice pudding, too, although I've never hidden almonds in it. We add raisins to ours, because my dearly beloved likes it that way (but the fussy eater picks his out).

Anette sa...

Le Chien and Marjie: try to do it for your kid/kids, they might like the excitement! Hiding the almond while eating and pretending you are hiding nothing is fun! But tell them there is an almond in there somewhere so nobody chokes on it!