onsdag 30. desember 2009

Frost and frosting

Its cold!
King Winter has arrived,
and this is the frosty view from my bathroom
I got these silicone baking cups
from my best friend Monica in Denmark:
I had to try them out!
Must not forget to do the pots
While the muffins are cooling

Suddenly muffins became cupcakes
with fluffy frosting!

6 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

what a beautiful view - and your muffins look like old mister winter too with the icing flowing like a glacier.

Marina sa...

Hmmm...Snow on your houses...snow on your cakes too! Let me have some of both, please!!!
Happy New Year my friend and may sun be always in your hearts!

Marjie sa...

Those muffin pans are adorable, and your view is breathtaking! Enjoy king winter!

I like beans sa...
Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.
TavoLini sa...

Beautiful picture--I love the header, too. So much snow! Love those cute muffin / cupcakes :) Happy New Year to you and yours!

monica sa...

breathtaking view! glad the cups worked!