fredag 31. juli 2009

Drama and cherries

This photo more or less sums up the weather the last 2-3 weeks
Drama, just drama!
but there's no need to be gloomy
When you can trap the summer
in a cherry crumble

served with some wipped cream

My July garden

Remember the chile I got from my friend Le Chien?
He said that to get them to grow chiles
I had to make sure the bees did their job on the flower department
(if you know what I mean)
Well my chile babies has been enjoying a good life in my kitchen window
because the weather hasn't exactly been like New Mexico..
They are just about to start flowering now
so I had a look in my garden to see
which plants had most action going on.
At the moment the chile plants are enjoying a party
with the boysenberry plants..
What do you think Cristo?
Any hope?

A lot going on in the flower and bumble bee department...

Another exciting development is my greek tomatoes
Still just flowering,
but they have been living out door all summer, bless them!

if i get any luck on these two projects,
I can promise you
there will be some "show-and-tell" posting!

Flowering mint

Soon to be full grown apples

Cherries. I'm working on my motivation to pick a load,
remove the pips inside
and make something!
It takes some time to do it, and gets very messy!
(I don't mind messiness but with these,
you have to wear your worst t-shirt
because at the end you are ready to cast in a splatter movie)

tirsdag 28. juli 2009

Jam of plums

I'm so pleased with myself today!
I picked 10 litres of red plums
Boiled it with sugar and nothing else
Not too sweet, I like it tangy
10 glasses of home made plum jam
just like my grandma made it!
They are going down in the cellar.
And then in the cold winter
I'll fetch a little piece of the summer every now and then
That makes me happy!

søndag 19. juli 2009

Marble cake

A rainy summer day makes me want to bake.
What about a Marble cake or maybe we can call it Tiger cake?
Put some cocoa in one third of the mix

Then put white, brown and white in layers in a bread pan
slightly drag a knife through it a few times

One hour in the oven

Mmm! Lovely cake! Put the kettle on!

mandag 13. juli 2009

Sweet Cherries

In our garden there is a big tree
When the weather is warm it gives plenty of shade
These days it carries loads of cherries
We can only reach the ones low down, standing on a ladder
The ones in the top of the tree are the birds to party on
There is enough for everyone!
So juicy and sweet!

torsdag 9. juli 2009

søndag 5. juli 2009

Warm days of July

The little lake welcomes us on a summer evening
Grows wild around the cabin.
It has a lovely smell!
In Norwegian we call it: Mjødurt, which means
mead herbe,
because it was used to flavor mead or beer.
Pretty Princess with another fish!
Fierce thunder and lightning is part of a warm summer
Tenting in the garden too

Lying on my back on a blancket
this is the view from the garden.

And one of our favourite suppers