mandag 12. april 2010

Out house

In our garden
we have an old outhouse
It is as old as the house,
but years of rain and snow
has made the roof heavy to carry.
The wood is rotten and soft
the tiles are broken
There was an outdoor toilet in the out house
On the walls there is written messages from the past:
"7/5-58 I love Eric"
If you ever have met an old house like this
you will know that these buildings has souls
In the walls they have stories about
people and times
Our out house has an old and tired soul
It is kneeling of old age
and could bring danger if it fell
The decision has been made
The old outhouse is going down on wednesday
The door is closed for the last time
and it's not without sadness!

3 kommentarer:

Marjie sa...

Our friend Greg has a little lakeside cottage which has been in his family for 100 years. 2 summers ago, we had an "outhouse burning". it was just falling down, so the men cut it up and used it for firewood on Independence Day weekend!

monica sa...

timber!!!! eller noe... god arbejdslyst!

gemma sa...

I feel your pain. We just visited a cottage that my grandmother once owned and it has been "renovated". Sadly, it now has no soul.