søndag 28. mars 2010

Life at the Cabin

Even if there is electricity at the cabin
it's always nice to light candles.
this is our new addition
And old kerosene lamp!
It lights the room up very cosily
and gives warmth too
At night: lovely cold white wine

And some prawns, delicious!
This is how I make toast at the cabin, in the oven
under the grill.
Highly more effective than the toaster we used to have!

And in this little kettle
I boil our eggs for breakfast!

6 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

I could live like this - those prawn toasts look so good!

Marjie sa...

I toast my bread in the oven, too, because it's so slow when you can only toast 2 or 4 slices at a time!

TavoLini sa...

This looks like a perfect evening--wine, prawns, toast and all by lamplight :)

Marina sa...

Happy Easter Annete to you and your family!

ayamlin sa...

Happy Easter!
I like this green one.
It's very beautiful.
I like candles and I often use candles. but I don't have such a beautiful one. I want it!

antigoni sa...

I'm sure you had happy,romantic moments at the cabin. Happy Easter.