lørdag 24. april 2010

Breakfast close-up

These are a few close-ups from my breakfast this morning
And a nice breakfast it was indeed!

This is karse or according to wikipedia
garden cress
in Little Chefs handmade pottery
Ready for a new day!

lørdag 17. april 2010

New start

Little Chef is making a hotdog
Topped with mashed potatoes and ketchup
I'm mixing spaghetti, pesto, fresh basil, tomatoes and ham
Not so elegant, but yummy!
We have work to do and need energy
fast and easy!

Our out house

Going down!

Yorkshire lad getting an overlook

The brick wall has fallen.
All the bricks has started creative thoughts in our heads!
The cement between them was mouldering
and can easily be removed with a hammer.

We stack them
They will stay put, until we know what to do with them!
Patio, outdoor fire, who knows!
We'll let creativity grow for a while!
My back and hands are aching
of all the brick carrying!
We suddenly have a lot of room in our garden!
It's a new start
When an old door closes
a new one opens.
Thats one of my favourite sayings
because it is true,
oh so true!

mandag 12. april 2010

Out house

In our garden
we have an old outhouse
It is as old as the house,
but years of rain and snow
has made the roof heavy to carry.
The wood is rotten and soft
the tiles are broken
There was an outdoor toilet in the out house
On the walls there is written messages from the past:
"7/5-58 I love Eric"
If you ever have met an old house like this
you will know that these buildings has souls
In the walls they have stories about
people and times
Our out house has an old and tired soul
It is kneeling of old age
and could bring danger if it fell
The decision has been made
The old outhouse is going down on wednesday
The door is closed for the last time
and it's not without sadness!