fredag 22. juli 2011


Finally I've started my holiday.
The rain is pouring down, no sign of summer warmth
I look forward to enjoy lazy days
and fun games (Yatzy) with my daughter
Then out of the blue
the peaceful time of naive innocence has changed
Our Goverment building has been struck by terrorism!
What we thought was horrible went to become a nightmare:
More than 80 young lives has been taken

6 kommentarer:

Marina sa...

What's happening out there?
I hear about bombs and a killer at a camp...How awful!!! Until now I thought that you live in one of the safer countries of the world...

christo AKA doggybloggy sa...

I said it before I will say it again - this is horrible - do they know why?

Marina sa...

Is your family ok?
Are you all safe???
I'm speachless with the tragedy...

Marjie sa...

I am thinking of you and your countrymen. Our prayers are with you on this sad day.

Anette sa...

We are ok, but our nation is speachless and full of tears because of the tragedy which has happened to so many innocent people!

christo AKA doggybloggy sa...