onsdag 6. juli 2011

Tourist in my own town part 1

As I wait patiently for my holiday
and go to work everyday
I have come up with a great plan:
I will become a tourist in my own town!
This afternoon
We walk through

With it's lovely dam
We walk on the grit road by the fjord
And we end up at Varnestangen
The lovely and peaceful place
Which is best reached on foot, on your bike or in your boat
Next time we will bring
a flask of coffee and some biscuits to enjoy
or maybe a picnic basket

4 kommentarer:

Maria Florencee sa...

Varnestangen is a very nice place in Horten

Nice blogging, mom :-)

Anette sa...

Presenting Pink Princesse, this is My lovely daughter! Visit her blog!

Marjie sa...

It's a lovely farm, with all the water around! Now I'll visit your princess!

ayamlin sa...

Hi Anette!
Thank you for your warm words!
I had a boy on 25th of June!
it hurt when I had a baby.
but I felt happy even the pain.
the best time of my life!
thank you for your support and I want you to give some advise from now on, too!