torsdag 11. august 2011

Growing up

Little Chef, not so little anymore!
15 years old
We went to the cabin for his birthday
The menue he chose was ham, gratinated cheesy potatoes, veggies and gravy
We have to keep it simple at the cabin,
not the most fancy presentation, but the young man was pleased!
For dessert
Birthday cake!Ok, Dinkie is little
but these lads are getting so tall!
These are the legs of Little Chefs friends
They are taller than 190 cm both of them!

5 kommentarer:

christo AKA doggybloggy sa...

happy birthday (big) little chef...I hope to see this cabin in real life one day...he is tall - my son is 13 and is 175 cm

Anette sa...

Le Chien: I hope you will come to Norway one day, we'll take you to our humble cabin, our sanctuary! 13 and 175, he's tall too!

ayamlin sa...

Happy birthday to your sweet son!
you're so lucky to have such a cute son and also cute daughter.( I saw a picture on the previous article! )

Marjie sa...

Happy Birthday to your son! I see that he and my Ryan are the same age and same height! Must be those good Nordic genes. I always say they skipped from my father and his father to my sons, since I stopped at about 158 cm.

monica sa...

happy belated birthday ! strange how our kids keep growing, while we just stand still...