onsdag 17. august 2011

Slipping through my fingers

I feel like the mother in this ABBA song these days.
My daughter will be going away to a school
far up north of Norway in a couple of days.
We are cleaning out her closets, packing suitcases
Talking laughtng and taking a break
with a game of Yatzy every now and then.
How will it be without her around the house?
Very quiet and strange.
Of course this is all we want for her
going out in the world and embracing it!
It's the way it should be, but it is still strange
and I will secretly be bringing some kleenex
for the way home...

5 kommentarer:

Maria Florencee sa...

I'll miss you so much, mom <3

gemma sa...

That is the most beautiful picture ever....bring two boxes of kleenex.

Marjie sa...

I know you'll miss her terribly. But you're not prepared for Dinky to spend lots of time moping with his Princess gone, are you?

Marina sa...

Good luck to your girl! It's time for her to fly out there, to a new sky!!!
Best wishes for your son, too!
They grow so fast, don't they?
Luckily WE're getting younger day by day...;D

monica sa...

... that song is heartbraking and teardripping... but you will always have your princess.. hooray for cell phones and internet!!