tirsdag 4. oktober 2011

I don't mind autumn at all!

To me, autumn is cooking time
These are some of my favourites
I can't cook or live without them!
These days
My parents are cleaning out their closets:
and handed over 1350 slides
from the sixties and seventies
everyday life from when I was little:
How am I going to transfer them into
the digital world of today?
This one was taken of the slide, by my mobile, on the wall...
happy girl at bed time, It's me!
Autumn is also relaxing time, wollen socks and sudoku at the cabin!
And a show with a plane from the forties
landing on a field by the national park.
It was good old fashion entertainment
out in the autumn sunshine!

2 kommentarer:

Marjie sa...

I don't mind autumn, either, but I really don't enjoy the extreme cold that I know follows it!

Rebecka sa...

I too, love the Fall weather. Putting on my sweaters and the crisp night air. Unfortunately, I tend to eat more that I should when the weather turns cold.

Your were an adorable little girl. Such a happy smile!

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