mandag 10. oktober 2011

Autumn lunches

It is getting nippy outside
and even inside my office at work
it is a bit to chilly.
Today I made a load of vegetable soup
(with a bit of chicken, and made with home made chicken stock)
I put it in some plastic containers
stack them in the freezer
and they are ready to go.
Tomorrow, I'll put one frozen portion of soup in my bag
(no spilling since it's frozen)
and reheat at lunch time.
openfaced sandwiches with salami, cheese or liverpaste etc
This is what we are raised on from kindergarden and until we retire from work.
Yes, we are a sandwich generation!
But tomorrow there will be soup.

4 kommentarer:

Marjie sa...

Our lunches are usually sandwiches, too. They are just so easy! But I made soup this weekend, too, and we have been enjoying it for lunch.

monica sa...

heated leftovers for lunch are just so good!
Today I treated myself with bread, boiled egg, shrimps, lemon, tomatoes... delicious ;)

ayamlin sa...

oh!!! it looks yummy!
I wanna learn cooking from you!

Marina sa...

I'm so happy to be around again!!!!
I lost many of your posts BUT I had a fast look of everything...
Your soup is so colorful and looks so delicious that I thought I could taste some!!!