tirsdag 30. juli 2013

Holiday and lazy days

I'm enjoying my holiday!
I'm not travelling anywhere, besides every now and then up to the cabin. 
We have had such lovely weather so far. Since we are living in a little town by the sea, there are several places to go if you want to swim in the sea, or just sit in your beach chair, eating the lunch you brought, reading your book, or just talk to the people around. 

This is also an option: 

With summer comes good food. Mostly food that will take care of it selv, slow cooked in many ways. 

Our car port turns to our garden living room in the summer
The car knows it's place and stays patiently in the drive way, while we enjoy all our meals
In the open carport. 
When you live in Norway, summer can be all sorts of weather, and we still want to be outside.
At night we light candles, and sit there talking, having a laugh, or just listen to the grass hoppers.

My flowers are visited by chubby bumble bees, and they smell lovely!
And still I'm not half way through my Holiday!

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