torsdag 4. juli 2013

Tangy and sweet and a good prospect for the weekend

I love rhubarb! But I do have to cook it with enough sugar to make it just right. 
I usually make a rhubarb pie, but this time I just cooked it with some water, sugar. To thicken it I used potato flour, its like maizena, you just stir it with a little water.

I served it with some whipped cream, the combination is perfect, and used the last remains of the shortbreads (note to self, make more) as a little touch.
can you spot the difference?
There is two types of cream, one ordinary at the back and soy whipping cream at the front. I've found a good alternative: Alpro Airy&creamy, not to strong on the soy taste, and very similar to ordinary cream when you whip it! It's slightly whiter than the ordinary one. 
This weekend me and my two sisters are taking the kids to our cabin. 
It's usually a great success, even though they are teenagers and usually have other plans than hanging out with their ancient mothers and aunts.

The weather has been lousy lately, but the weather man seems to agree with himself that this weekend it will be sun, and much warmer! 
We are crossing our fingers!
Good weather means outside joy, swimming in the little lake, playing games, making and eating food outside etc. 
Rain means, well,  we still will enjoy it of course, but suddenly we realize how big and tall (and loud)  these teenagers have become, and the cabin seems very tiny. 
I'm keeping a close eye on the weather forecast! 

3 kommentarer:

monica sa...

have fun!!
bet the lake is freezing though!

grace sa...

i feel like i rarely see rhubarb by itself--it's always in combination with something, especially strawberries! i really like what you've done here. :)

gemma sa...

What fun you will have no matter what the weather. Happy weekend.