fredag 30. januar 2015

Getting a grip

It's winter

I'm getting a grip, because the roads are slippery and my good workmate broke her arm the other day, falling on the ice  just outside her house! 

I have no time for that. I bought these to keep me on my feet. 

But I think it's unfair.  These 3 inches of snow came down in a hurry this afternoon, but my boss never told us to go home, the roads were full of people, cars and busses! The kids stayed in school, shops were open and everything went on as normal! Whats up with that! When 3 inches of snow came down in NY the other day, everything stopped! 

2 kommentarer:

gemma sa...

those 3 inches in NY were 30 inches here in Massachusetts. We need those grippers for our boots for sure. So glad to see you're checking in on the net. Missed you.

Marjie sa...

Eh, that was New York City. They are wimps. 3" of snow is nothing. Now, the ice storm we had Sunday night, that was enough to slow us down! Actually, I just tried to go out, and found that my garage door is frozen shut, so I can't actually get out! My plow man will have to come out tomorrow to break up the ice from outside and put ice melt next to the door inside!