søndag 28. oktober 2007

Our favourite pub

Since I'm on about the good life in Yorkshire, I must tell you about our favourite pub: The Rockingham Arms. During our stay we go to this place a few times, and enjoy the atmosphere.

Once we stayed over a few nights in the cottage across the road. Such an experience! I just felt that the old house was alive. To be honest with you I felt like it was "something there" in the hallway just outside our room. I didn't like to go there alone. To put another log on that fire, the next day a ghost buster came to offer his services to the pub, because of its history, but the owner asked him to leave.

The pub meals are usually excellent, whether you go for one of the specialities or the regular plane dishes.

There is a fireplace in every room with logs burning cosily.
There is an old gentleman dressed in tweed knickers and six pence with a pint on the table in front of him and a dog at his feet.
Once I even saw a sign saying: " Christmas dinner for dogs is served - 1£ " ¨
The owner and his staff are smiling and saying "thanks love!" and "ta-ra love!" in the typical yorkshire way.
For a norwegian this is a warm and lovely place to visit.

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Simen sa...

Ja man kan virkelig lengte til Yorkshire når du beskriver den lokale puben. Jeg opplevde noen sånne der borte for 20 år siden og opplever dem gjerne igjen. Men de store fettdryppende fish and chips porsjonene vet jeg ikke om jeg lengter etter. :-) Simen