onsdag 26. mars 2008

Life of a living Mop

Sometimes we loose track of what's back and front
of the Sweet Dinkie Doodle

I take a deep breath and grab the scissors
and after a good hour
she looks like this:

Half her size

Still some adjusting to do these following days but still
life for the Mop is better

for a while

5 kommentarer:

TavoLini sa...

aww...that is a cute bundle of fur! Like the new 'do :)

Sornie sa...

I was scared when I saw that pile of fur, it looked like your scissors may have slipped and ended the dog's life.

VE sa...

Cute. Wow, that was some pile of fur. Just please tell you won't make a coat or something out of it. I've seen that on the internet lately and its....weird.

Anette sa...

tavolini: I think she likes it to, she always seems very jolly after a haircut!
sornie: I usually cut my fingers trying to avoid snipping her skin! thats a professionel pair of scissors you're looking at! Very sharp!
and ve: even if the fur is soft, there will be no coat! but all my clothes is full of hair and itchy after a "do" like that!

doggybloggy sa...

good job...poochie looks happy