lørdag 29. mars 2008

Tzatziki and salmon

Cucumber and yoghurt,
garlic and olive oil,
salt, pepper, vinegar, a pinch of sugar...


Home made bread to dip in it!
Salmon with lemon and vegetables baked in the oven.

Little kitten Shandie Pipkin vas very helpful with the fish.
She needed a long nap after dinner

5 kommentarer:

Jocelyn sa...

Gorgeous food, especially that bread.

Oh, and yea, Husker Du was a big 1980's punkish band in the US (interestingly, I thought they had a good following in Scandanavia, too...).

Robin sa...

Tzatziki..... one of my very favorite things!

Anette sa...

Jocelyn: The bread was good, and my house smelled like a bakery. I love that smell, warm and cosy!

Robin: me too! bit of bread, and oh heaven..

VE sa...

I'll be right over...

doggybloggy sa...

hey how did you know all of my favorites?