mandag 16. juni 2008


When she saw the rainbow that evening
she realized how lucky she was
So were the prisoners of the island in the middle of the fjord
who got all the gold at the end of it!
She clicked the heels of her clogs
saying "there's no place like home"
Feeling so lucky to have a home

Then she realized

that from the prisoners point of view

that rainbow ended at her house

total lack of gold of course,

but a wonderful treasure that she knew she was lucky to have.

She hoped that the prisoners had a home to return to when they had served their sentences.

2 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

it is all in ones perspective isnt it?

monica sa...

Home is where the heart is...
But it is OK to be reminded once in a while how lucky we are having a warm and safe place to call our own... The other day after riding my bike home from work, and it was POURING, and I was completely soaked and cold, it was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL to come home (FINALLY), take a warm bath, slip into dry clothes, having a cup of warm coffee and listening to the rain outside still POURING!!...