mandag 2. juni 2008



you might wake a sleeping troll!

on the other hand

they've all turned to rock

when the sun came out!

an old rock fence

A rock asking to be climbed

7 kommentarer:

VE sa...

As a rock climber for over 30 years I will say that moss is difficult to climb on! Beautiful photos

doggybloggy sa...

nice magical forest....

Anette sa...

Ve: yes I can tell you have experience in clinging to a good rock! Moss makes everything slippery!

Le Chien: It is, and just around the corner too!

monica sa...

"Når trollmor har lagt sine elleve små troll
og bundet dem fast i halen
da synger hun sakte for elleve små troll
de vakreste ord hun kjenner
o-ai-ai-ai-ai-bo ff"


hva med den andre bloggen? Arrow-noe?? hun var visst ikke invitert... sa hun med lett fornærmet stemme...:o)

Robin sa...

Oooooh, neat place.

me_gay_u? sa...

great photos, i like it :D

VioletSky sa...

Great blog, lovely photos.
The first thing I thought of was how slippery those mossy trolls would be to climb!