fredag 6. juni 2008

I like

Chinese garlic, because it has only one "clove"
saves me time, and I can easily put a whole garlic in my dish
And I love plenty of garlic!
Chili bean mix, because its spicy,
and because I like the texture and the taste of beans
It has a lovely colour
and I can eat it heated or cold

A good book

where the story is put together well

and which is a paperback

cause then I feel I've got plenty of book for my money

I don't mind having worn out paperbacks in my book shelves, it makes me happy!

Not such a great deal for the writer maybe

but it gives me the opportunity to own some books for my self


9 kommentarer:

Anne sa...

Great book, how do you like it?

VE sa...

In San Francisco there is a restaurant called "The Stinking Rose". It's a garlic restaurant. Everything made there has garlic in it. Including the ice cream! They have long strands of cloves of garlic strewn across the ceiling. It's mucho good!

Anette sa...

Anne: always been facinated by stories about timetravelling. I think it is described very well in this book. and a good story!

Ve: I would have loved a visit there! Yummy!

VE sa...

Hey Anette...your blog post request will be my very next one. It's a shocker parody...

Anette sa...

Ahh! what a exciting moment!!I feel very honored!

Jacki sa...

I am coming from VE's blog....saw your request and had to click. What part of Norway do you live? I lived in Denmark for a year, in 2003-2004, and married a Dane.

Good book choice, by the way! I read it and loved it!

Anette sa...

Jacki: south of Norway, by the Oslo fjord. Did you bring your Dane home with you? I got mine over from England.

doggybloggy sa...

those beans look great...I guess I should send you the chile soon.....

Anette sa...

Le Chien: yes please!