onsdag 30. juli 2008

Yorkshire puddings

I'm a trainee and I'm working on it.

My mother-in-law makes the best yorkshire puddings. When we visit, we get them next to our stew. Ther're lovely and fluffy!

Once when my husband and I went to a pub, the staff suddenly came out from the kitchen with large trays of yorkshire puddings with gravy on, and all the guests pinched one of the tray with their fingers and enjoyed the fluffy and dripping treat with their pints.

My son loves yorkshire pudding, but he's got his own way. He eats them with strawberry jam. So when I set the table for our Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings, I put out an extra serving of yorkshire puddings for him and the jar of strawberry jam. I think that everyone should have what they like the best for their Christmas dinner. So he munches through them with delight while we enjoy our meat, different potatoes gravy and the variety of vegetables.

We're far from Christmas now, but why not treat the little man with some yorkshire puddings on a warm summer morning:

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VE sa...

Wow, yum. Do you think they'd survive Fed Ex?

Anette sa...

Ve: I guess, aren't Fed Ex supposed to be ever so fast? (Except when Tom Hanks ends up on a desert island!)But if you want them hot, tell me when you arrive and I'll put a batch in the oven.

doggybloggy sa...