onsdag 16. juli 2008

Little Chef invites

When we came home from work today
our little 11.5 year old chef
asked us to sit down while he got our dinner ready
A mash of swede, carrots and potatoes
then a layer of thick sausages
and cheese on top.
He's learned the reciepe in school.
Did it all by himself
And it was lovely and just what we wanted!
Then there was dessert:
Layers of,
whipped cream
apple jam
and crushed rusk.
It's called :
"Tilslørte bondepiker"
It means veiled farmgirls (don't ask)
One of our favourites!

So well treated on an ordinary Wednesday!

And so proud of the little Chef.

4 kommentarer:

Sornie sa...

With a chef like that, kids seem like a necessity. Whoo-hoo, no cooking for me!

Anette sa...

Sornie: I know! It comes to bringing them up correctly! (so they can take care of us well..)

VE sa...

Wow. Mine can open a package of Pop Tarts. Impressive! Can I send mine over for boot camp training?

doggybloggy sa...

mine just asks me.....somethings wrong here