mandag 5. oktober 2009


Pytt i Panne
or you would probably call it hash
drop an egg on top of it
and you are all set.
Or if you are in the mood for something Pink:

Have some lovely pink prawns

crush a bit of lemon over it, and some mayonnaise.

5 kommentarer:

KennyT sa...

Simple and delicious!

doggybloggy sa...

now that is one decent slice of bread - look at all that shrimp...and I will have two poached eggs on my Pytt i Panneor

monica sa...

pytt i panne (NO), Hash (UK), Biksemad (DK) - many names for the things we love...:o) and the shrimp sandwich - m m m . Must have soon...

Marjie sa...

Love the hash browns; they're one of my favorite breakfast foods. Shrimp is so very expensive here that I don't use it for sandwiches, although I would love to. Chicken is $2 per pound, beef is $3 per pound, and shrimp is $7 or more per pound. Sad.

buffalodick sa...

That dish aroused me.. Shame on you!