onsdag 21. oktober 2009


Almost a year ago
I recieved a packet og Candy from my friend Le Chien
In New York
The candy was the type I like
It was chile
grown in New Mexico
It has given so much warmth, color
and taste
through the year
There was also seeds
which I planted in our scandinavian soil The summer was rainy and wet
But I took care of my plants the best that I could
I waited and waited
and suddenly one plant started to flower.
After a while I saw to my excitement
that a chile baby was on it's way!
It grew bigger and bigger and finally when the plant started to get tired
the red color appeared

I'm so proud! My first Chile baby

From so far away!

I wonder if it will taste differently than it's origin!

6 kommentarer:

monica sa...

very exotic :o)

KennyT sa...

You grow beautiful chillies!

doggybloggy sa...

you are not finished yet since you came this far - now you have to let it dry and when it is dry you grind it to a red and delicious powder....I bet it will taste like sunshine no matter what!

Marjie sa...

Wonderful! The gift lives on!

Marina sa...

Your world is chilly(chillies) an sweet(cakes) these days...!

buffalodick sa...

All soils and moisture influence the size, heat, and flavor.. nothing cross breeds quicker than a pepper plant! I still have some of Dog's dried peppers I turned into powders! Good stuff..